February 12, 2015 by Enrique Odonnell

Business Industry One – The Real Estate Market


Many people have been asking me how to get into real estate and become a real estate agent, or find any work in this field of business. Well, first of all, people need to know that real estate is a very broad term, and should select one of the professions from this field of business. You could become an agent, investor, property manager, real estate appraiser, etc.  So, that’s why you should first realize what kind of skills do you possess, and discover what are your real interests.

I will show you how to become a real estate agent, a position that I hold, and a position that I’m extremely happy with, and have been ever since I started doing it two decades ago.

real-estate-marketingWell, first of all, you need to finish some type of education that would prepare you for this work that you’re interested in. The important part of this process is listing smaller goals that would help you reach the ultimate goal. A race is comprised of numerous steps, and this is no different.  One of those steps includes researching your goals and figuring out what kind of education is necessary for completing it. You should make a list of all the courses that you are required to take, as well as some training programs. This is all a part of a higher plan. Also, you should note where you could attend all those courses and training programs.

Check up your local colleges and universities, or additional certified types of educational systems. You should make a plan for this step also; in order to figure out what exactly do you need to complete it.  Check out if there are any courses available to take in your immediate location. If there aren’t, if you’re really interested in this field of work, you could try going somewhere a bit further from your location. Also, there are some real estate companies that offer training and help with your licensing exam. This could cost up to $1,000. Or, you could try at your local community college. Training here takes longer, but is cheaper.

After you’ve completed all of the training and classes, you will be required to do a license exam. If you complete this exam successfully, you will get your license, and become a licensed real estate agent.

Different-types-of-real-estate-agents2Now you have to find a job at a good company.  But, don’t just look for any company.  Ask for a job in a company in which you can learn new things and in which you can acquire new experience that would help you improve yourself and get an even better job, or a job that is higher up on the ladder.

This is essential; because it gives you highly needed experience and make you a better agent. While working there, you should be as aggressive as possible. That way, you’ll show them that your desire for work is very high, and that you’re willing to find a perfect real estate for every one of your clients.

Also, it should be mentioned that it is extremely important to continue with your learning process, even though you’ve already gotten your license. That way, you’ll always be on top of the situation, and will continue being the best real estate agent out there.  Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes who would you pick?  Would you pick someone who is constantly improving himself or someone who has outdated information?

And, that’s it. It may seem hard, but if this is something you want, it will be a piece of cake for you. Just remember to stay on your course and never give up, and you’ll be the best real estate agent possible!

Be Successful from Day One in Your Career as a Realtor